BLOG: 2013 World Series Prediction

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Might start doing more blog-style posts instead of news story style articles here, mostly because it allows me to insert opinions and stray from the traditional format.

For some reason or another, I did not continue my playoff predictions this season.  In the past, I’ve had varying levels of success, making every pick right in 2009 and all but the World Series in 2010.  I would have picked both St. Louis and Boston to defeat Los Angeles (Dodgers) and Detroit, respectively prior to the start of the LCS’s, but just to make it formal, I’ll put this one in writing.

As a Cubs fan, this is a very painful pick to make, and I would honestly be thrilled to be wrong in this case, but the St. Louis Cardinals will win the 2013 World Series in six games, and I was half-tempted to go as low as five.

The two teams finished tied for the best record in baseball this season and will face off in a best of seven series that will begin tonight in Boston.  While both teams are great ball clubs, the Cardinals are just a team that knows how to win, especially in the postseason.  I normally do not subscribe to the abstract, but in this case it always seems to work out that way.

For all the Cubs fans living in Southern Illinois and Missouri, I feel sorry for you with the wrath of having to see your biggest rivals celebrate a championship your team has not won since 1908.

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